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About Avalon

Avalon GROUP ​

After 30 years of existence, Avalon has now built up a contact list of partners with whom we enjoy working together. With this contact file we can ensure that we can always offer a total service to the customer so that it is affordable and simple for them. This includes specialist service or the deployment of additional staff. These types of constructions are always carried out in strict consultation with the customer, clear communication, controls and transparency about prices. 

modern Office

Family business 

The cleaning and services company was founded in 1985 with the name Avalon, derived from the Roxy Music song. 
Marcel van Baalen wanted to combine his passion for management, finance, keeping buildings clean and chemistry and saw a bright future for a company in this field. Later, when his wife Jacqueline van Baalen also became responsible for the administrative and secretarial tasks in the company, it formed into a V.O.F.


It has now grown into a real family business, because son Siem van Baalen is also currently part of the management. Siem has been committed to his parents' company from an early age and is trained in facility management. Siem and Jacqueline currently form the management. 



Avalon currently consists of approximately 20 motivated employees. The staff is thoroughly selected and trained, so that we can always provide the best service.

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