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Cleaning services 

  • Daily and periodic maintenance (vacuuming, sanitary facilities, waste containers, etc.)

  • Delivery cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning 

  • (Specialist) floor maintenance

  • Facade cleaning 

  • Window cleaning

  • One-off assignments

  • Specialist cleaning

  • Complete service including cleaning and other facility services


Service services

  • Pest control

  • Care of consumables 

  • Green care

  • Guidance of staff in-house

  • Waste container rental

  • Sale of cleaning supplies and machines

  • 24-hour emergency service 



In-house cleaning

It also happens that an organization employs cleaning staff. Avalon offers the opportunity to instruct and guide your own staff. You can think of: 

  • Technical and ergonomic instructions

  • Periodic checks with reporting to the client 

  • Compiling work programs

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